Sat “Kitchen Sink”


W.O.D as a team (pairs) 30 min Clock

A. Bench Press, Total accumulation (record time to complete)

  • Men Pairs:  Accumulate 15,500 lbs
  • Women Pairs:  Accumulate 10,500 lbs

Weights to use are below

  • Men:  155,135,115,95
  • Women: 105, 95, 75, 65

*Each athlete can use different weights but must get to the total before moving to next part

B.  100 x Calories on Bike, for time (record total time on bike)

  • Men change every 15 x cals
  • Women change every 10 x cals

C.  Burpees to bar, you go, I go in sets of 5 while partner holds on to pullup bar (7 min clock),

*athletes will manage their own rest/work times within the 30 min clock