W.U.  Equipment Prep and Athlete individual

W.O.D 2 Parts, Teams of 2

A:  2 Rounds individually timed:

  • P1:  Sled Pull 100ft (P2 walks side by side)
  • P2:  Sled Pull 100ft back to start
  • Immediately into 200M Sprints each
  • Immediately into 60 x Total Cals on Bike (break cals up any way)

REST 5 Mins and Repeat

B.  15 Min AMRAP of

  • 40 x Alt DB Clean and Jerks 60/40 (you go, I go but in sets of 10)
  • 40 x Double Unders (alternate jump rope per rounds )
  • 10 x Sandbags over shoulder 200/150