W.U.  Group

W.O.D w/Partner Complete the following

for time

  • 60 x Clean and Jerks (you go, i go by 3’s) 135/95  (each has own bar)
  • 50 x Deadlifts (you go, I go by 5’s) 225/155
  • 40 x Calories on bike (you go, I go by 10)
  • 30 x Seal Burpees (you go, i go)
  • 20 x Stones Over Shoulder (you go, I go) 150/100
  • 10 x Rope Climbs (you go, I go)

**The break up of the exercises cannot be deviated from.   Athletes must do their number allotment before their partners can go and vice versa.  Workout is done each exercise to completion in the order written.

** Athletes will each have their own bars unless the weights for both movements are the same i.e. both using 135 or 225 for the different lifts.